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Easter Quiz Questions

Easter Week (15/03/06)

  1. What is the earliest possible date for Easter Sunday?
  2. 22nd March
  3. This earliest date coincides with the 'World Day for Water'. According to statistics this week, which water company loses 915 million litres of water per day through leaks?
  4. Thames Water
  5. Easter last year was on 27th March, which coincided with the move to British Summer Time. When do clocks revert to GMT?
  6. The last Sunday in October
  7. In 1998, Good Friday was on 10th April. Who said of the Northern Ireland Peace agreement signed that day: 'This is not a time for soundbites. Today I hope that the burden of history can at long last be lifted from our shoulders'?
  8. Tony Blair
  9. 6th April was Easter day four times in the last century. It is also the first day of which year?
  10. The tax year in the UK
  11. What was the cause of a disastrous Easter weekend in 2001, which saw many businesses facing financial ruin?
  12. The foot and mouth crisis
  13. The first Easter of the new millennium occurred on 23rd April. 23rd April is also the 'National Beer Day' in which European country?
  14. Germany
  15. Over the Easter weekend in 1960, 100,000 people gathered in Trafalgar Square in what was, at the time, described as the 'largest demonstration London has seen this century'. Who were the organisers of this rally?
  16. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
  17. April 25th is the latest possible date for Easter, and also ANZAC day. What does 'ANZAC' stand for?
  18. Australia and New Zealand Army Corps
  19. Easter this year is on 16th April. This was also the birthday of which British female singer, who had hits with songs including 'Wishin' and Hopin', 'Anyone Who had a Heart' and 'Son of a Preacherman'.
  20. Dusty Springfield

Non Christian Festivals in March and April

  1. 'Holi', a spring festival dedicated to the god of pleasure is celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March every year by people of which religion?
  2. Hinduism
  3. Holi is predominantly celebrated in Northern India, and which landlocked Himalayan kingdom?
  4. Nepal
  5. Magha Puja Day, the 14th March, is a celebration of the presentation of the teachings of which enlightened being to an assembly of holy men?
  6. Lord Buddah
  7. In the Roman Empire, Venerali was a festival held on 1st April to celebrate which goddess?
  8. Venus
  9. In 2006, Mawlid will be observed by Sunni Muslims the 11th of April and by Shi'a Muslims on 16th April. What does this festival commemorate?
  10. The birthday of Muhammad
  11. Vaisakhi or Baisakhi is a Sikh festival which falls on April 13th or April 14th once every 36 years. In terms of what it celebrates, to which Christian festival does Vaisakhi most closely correspond?
  12. Harvest
  13. Name the eight day Jewish festival held towards the end of April which celebrates the deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt.
  14. Passover
  15. Yom HaSho'ah is another Jewish festival to commemorate which tragic event?
  16. The Holocaust
  17. Rama Navami falls on the ninth day of the Hindu lunar year, 6th April in 2006. This day celebrates the marriage of which principal characters of the Hindu epic, the 'Ramayana'?
  18. Rama and Sita
  19. Purim is a Jewish festival held on 14th-15th March, which celebrates the deliverance from genocide of the Jewish minority in which historical kingdom which ruled over the Iranian plateaux?
  20. Persia

Easter Facts

  1. The date of Easter Sunday changes each year. How is the date decided?
  2. The first Sunday following the first full moon that falls on or after the Spring equinox, or 21st March each year.
  3. Which Jewish festival is observed at roughly the same time of year as Easter?
  4. Passover
  5. The name, 'Easter' derives from an older Saxon festival, 'Eastre'. Eastre was the pagan goddess of what?
  6. Spring and Offspring
  7. What is Easter called in France?
  8. Paques
  9. How long is Lent?
  10. 46 days. Sundays are not counted in the '40 days' figure.
  11. What event is held every year in the grounds of the White House on Easter Monday?
  12. The Easter Egg Roll. Children are invited in to roll a hard-boiled egg across the lawn of the White House. Many of the eggs are signed by celebrities, but the most sought after are those signed by the president and first lady.
  13. In Australia, as well as eggs and bunnies, chocolate manufacturers also make chocolates in the shape of which native and endangered animal? The profits are then used to help protect these creatures.
  14. The Bilby
  15. 'Pancake Day' is traditionally when all the indulgences in the kitchen were consumed prior to the Lenten season. Which festival, commonly celebrated on the same day, was originally designed as a more general way to 'get it all out' before the sacrifices of Lent?
  16. ''Mardi Gras' or 'Carnival'
  17. 'Angelino' is a popular Easter dish from Italy. What is an 'Angelino' in this context?
  18. A roasted, baby lamb
  19. Easter jelly beans are common on the US and around the world. What is the favourite jelly bean flavour of American kids?
  20. Cherry (20%), followed by Strawberry (12%), Grape (10%), lime (7%) and Blueberry (6%).