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Cambridge University Quiz Society Constitution

1. The Society

a. The aim of the Cambridge University Quiz Society (CUQS) is to get together people with an interest in general knowledge, particularly through organising regular quiz events.

b. Membership of the CUQS shall be open to any member of Cambridge University; any others may join the society at the discretion of the committee.

c. The committee may decide to charge an annual fee for membership and/or charges for attendance at CUQS events to help cover costs.

d. The committee may revoke membership in exceptional circumstances, and will require a majority of the committee to be in favour.

2. The Committee

a. The day-to-day running of the society shall be carried out by the CUQS committee, which shall consist of two or more members of the Society. The Committee shall assign the following roles to its members (NB one post may be taken by more than one person; one person may take more than one post):

b. The committee shall meet at its discretion to organise events and discuss finances.

c. Due to the current infancy of the society, minor changes to the constitution may be made at any time by the committee.

3. The Annual General Meeting

a. An AGM should be held at some point during the academic year, and all CUQS members are entitled to attend.

b. The AGM shall be chaired by a Committee member, preferably the President.

c. During the proceedings the Committee for the following year will be elected via a single transferable vote system.

d. The Chairperson shall not have any voting rights save in the event of a tie, when he/she shall hold the casting vote.

4. Finances

a. The CUQS shall maintain a bank account. Cheques drawn from the account will require the signature of the Treasurer.

b. The accounts will be audited by the Senior Treasurer, a resident senior member of the University. The Senior Treasurer is automatically a Committee member.

c. No member of the society or its Senior Treasurer shall be liable for any debt or other obligation of the society, unless they have personally authorised it in writing.

5. Events

a. During the year the Committee will organise social events as frequently as is deemed appropriate. These should take the form of 'Pub Quizzes' to be held in a college room, 'Theme Quiz' evenings mimicking popular tv or radio quizzes or any other events at the discretion of the Committee.

b. If possible, the society should hold an annual Intercollegiate Quiz Championship, which will take the form of a knockout tournament in the style of University Challenge. All colleges will be invited to enter teams of four. Non-members will be allowed to take part, and an entrance fee may be charged to help cover the cost of buzzers and other expenses. The tournament should take in Lent term, prior to the British Student Quiz Championship so that the most successful teams may be entered in the BSQC.

c. There will be an annual Varsity Match against Oxford at some point in the year, which will again take the form of games of University Challenge. The choice of team should not be restricted to members of the society but all selection will be at the discretion of the committee. Oxford and Cambridge will host the match in alternate years, Oxford in even academic years (eg 2000-1) and Cambridge in odd years (eg 1999-2000). The questions should be written, if possible, by an independent body.

6. Dissolution

a. In the event of dissolution of the society its assets, after payment of debts, shall be divided among its members equally, where possible.

Matthew Mayer Lawrence Drever
Last updated: May 2002