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QuizSoc Committee

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Honorary President: Stephen Fry

To be patron of QuizSoc represents for me the summit of an otherwise flabby and inconsequential career. I boast to all my friends about this role and gloat with pleasure as they claw the air in frothing envy.

Enjoy your membership of this august sodality. Remember that the Battle of Bannockburn was fought in 1314 and that Wilhelm Roentgen pioneered X-Ray photography and you really cannot go wrong. Remember too that I love you desperately.

Picture of Stephen Fry

2020/21 Committee
Joseph Krol (President and Squad Captain, CC)
Cameron Griffiths (Secretary, M)
Daniel Lawson (Treasurer, M)
Boyang Hou (Outreach Officer and ICQ Commissioner, W)
Molly O'Gorman (Pub Quiz Officer, K)