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Each year, Cambridge and Oxford battle it out in the Varsity Quiz Match, taking it in turns to host.

Varsity Match XVI - 2016 - St John's College, Oxford

One week after missing out on the British title to Oxford by the narrowest possible margin, Cambridge A restored bragging rights to take the Varsity trophy home for the second time in three years! A strong Oxford team triumphed in the B match, but Cambridge were also victorious in the Committee match.

Cambridge University 430 - 345 Oxford University
Samuel Cook +55, Ewan MacAulay +55, Evan Lynch +20, Elysia Warner +15
Oxford: Spence Weinreich +55, George Corfield +35, Joey Goldman +20, Daoud Jackson -5

Cambridge University B 200 - 475 Oxford University B
Daniel Chiverton +60, Julian Sutcliffe +10, Oscar Powell +5, Joshua Pugh Ginn +5
Oxford: Charlie Clegg +95, Freddy Potts +25, Christopher Stern +20, Hasneen Karbalai +15

Cambridge University Committee 320 - 230 Oxford University Committee
Daniel Chiverton +50, Elysia Warner +40, Florence Chen +10, Oscar Powell +10
Oxford: Jonathan Foxwell +55, Richard Tudor +15, Julia Kotthaus +10, Winston Wright 0

Varsity Match XV - 2015 - St John's College, Cambridge

Sadly, a dominant performance from Oxford A resulted in them regaining their title. Cambridge B lost on the final question and the Committee team held on for victory, surviving an Oxford comeback after taking an early lead.

Cambridge University 255 - 420 Oxford University
Julian Sutcliffe +25, Alex Guttenplan +35, Vivek Midha -5, Ephraim Levinson +40
Oxford: George Corfield -10, Ewan MacAulay +50, Joey Goldman +40, Zach Vermeer +60

Cambridge University B 305 - 330 Oxford University B
Richard Freeland +25, Evan Lynch +30, Douglas Morton +30, Oliver Sweetenham +20
Oxford: Charlie Clegg +30, Oliver Clarke +10, Daoud Jackson +30, Dan Sowood +30

Cambridge University Committee 275 - 240 Oxford University Committee
Thomas Langley +10, Joshua Pugh Ginn +20, Tomas Kesek +10, Afham Raoof +75
Oxford: Julia Kotthaus 0, Jonathan Foxwell +25, Jay Bhasin +45, Angus Russell +40

Varsity Match XIV - 2014 - St John's College, Oxford

A long-awaited victory for Cambridge on the final question, bringing the trophy to Cambridge at long last!

Cambridge University 420 - 395 Oxford University
Filip Drnovsek Zorko +10, John Gallagher +15, Alex Guttenplan +70, Anthony Martinelli +35
Oxford: Tom Finch +15, Joey Goldman +60, Chris Savory -5, Zach Vermeer +55

Cambridge University B 95 - 480 Oxford University B
Evan Lynch +5, Russell O'Riagain +15, Oscar Powell -10, Robert Scanes +25
Oxford: Hugh Binnie +65, Charlie Clegg +60, Jonathan Foxwell +10, Hasneen Karbalai +25

Cambridge University Committee 310 - 330 Oxford University Committee
Filip Drnovsek Zorko +15, Alex Guttenplan +65, Anthony Martinelli +25, Oscar Powell +25
Oxford: George Corfield +10, Ewan MacAulay +65, Cameron Quinn +55, Tom Salt 0

Varsity Match XIII - 2013 - Downing College, Cambridge

One of the most nerve-biting Varsity matches so far. Cambridge lost all 3 matches on the last question, making our eventual defeat all the more frustrating.

Cambridge University 215 - 240 Oxford University
Alex Guttenplan +45, Ralph Morley +30, Samuel Cook +10, Filip Drnovsek-Zorko +20
Oxford: Alex Bubb +20, Hugh Binnie +40, Joey Goldman +30, Hasneen Karbalai +20

Cambridge University B 140 - 165 Oxford University B
Frederic Heath-Renn +10, Alastair Thomas +20, James Gratrex +20, Dominic Neale-Draysey +25
Oxford: Tom Finch +60, Ewan MacAulay +10, Chris Beer +25, George Scratcherd -10

Cambridge University Committee 155 - 185 Oxford University Committee
Georgina Phillips +0, Dan West +10, Andrew Chapman +10, Samuel Cook +70
Oxford: Chris Savory +40, Jonathan Lane +10, Peter Berry +20, Sam Swift +30

Varsity Match XII - 2012 - Somewhere in Oxford

Due to organisational difficulties, there was only an A team match (235-155). But Oxford won. Again.

Varsity Match XI - 2011 - Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Cambridge University 185 - 330 Oxford University
Yi Sun +30, Alex Guttenplan +45, David Murray 0, Thomas Grinyer +10
Oxford: Kyle Haddad-Fonda +100, Edmund Dickinson +30, Alex Bubb +10, George Woudhuysen +10

Cambridge University B 230 - 260 Oxford University B
Ben Pugh +30, Samuel Cook +25, Lee Zhao +35, Daniel Bental +20
Oxford: Zach Vermeer +50, Aaron Holdway +30, Simon Spiro +10, Tom Speller +20

Cambridge University Committee 335 - 125 Oxford University Committee
Thomas Grinyer +60, Alex Guttenplan +35, David Murray +35, Samuel Cook +30
Oxford: Cameron Quinn +20, Tom Speller 0, Peter Sloman +10, Maris Rowe-McCulloch +30

Varsity Match X - 2010 - Linacre College, Oxford

Cambridge University 190 - 245 Oxford University
David Murray +20, Alex Guttenplan +55, Thomas Grinyer +5, Ben Pugh +15
Oxford: Katie McGettigan +20, Kyle Haddad-Fonda +75, Edmund Dickinson -10, Gail Trimble +10

Cambridge University B 210 - 240 Oxford University B
JP Crilly +20, Peter Pemberton-Ross +40, Jenny Harris +20, Josh Scott +30
Oxford: Aaron Holdway +20, Alison Hudson +20, George Woudhuysen +60, Alex Bubb +20

Cambridge University Committee 255 - 170 Oxford University Committee
David Murray +50, Alex Guttenplan +40, Thomas Grinyer +20, Simon Spiro +25
Oxford: David Knapp +20, Joanna Munro +0, Peter Sloman +15, Tom Speller +40

Varsity Match IX - 2009 - Pembroke College, Cambridge

May 16th, 2009, Cambridge

Varsity Match VIII - 2008 - Oxford

Varsity Match VII - 2007 - King's College, Cambridge

Cambridge University 135 - 240 Oxford University
Lee Zhao +15, David Tite +20, Josh Karton +25, Rhodri Mansell 0
Oxford: Mike Levy +30, Gail Trimble +50, Ben Fletcher +25, Peter Barker +10

Cambridge University B 95 - 295 Oxford University B
Calum Aikman +5, Greg Pearson +10, Mark Thebridge +15, Jonathan Griffith +10
Oxford: Tom Speller +30, Max Irving +20, Sam Warnakulasuriya +45, Edmund Dickinson +30

Cambridge University Committee 220 - 205 Oxford University Committee
Christopher Handscomb +25, Paul Beecher +50, Josh Karton +15, Jonathan Griffith +10
Oxford: Peter Sloman +60, Kate Morris +10, Kat Howley +10, Sam Warnakulasuriya +30

April 28th, 2007, and a strong victory in the committee match did little to assuage heavy defeats in both the A and B team matches.

Varsity Match VI - 2006 - Oxford

The Oxford-Cambridge Varsity Quiz took place on Saturday 11th March, 2006. Cambridge fielded a highly competitive Varsity team comprising David Tite, Daniel Nazarian (captain), Jacob Hupart and Michael Dnes. Despite leading for most of their match, they were sadly beaten by 15 points on the last starter question. However, they put in a brilliant performance; by far the best showing by Cambridge in a Varsity Quiz for many years! The reserve team of Mike Armstrong, Jon Griffith, Christopher Handscomb (captain) and Nathan Kettle also played. Again, they were neck and neck with Oxford for the whole match, losing by 35 points on the last couple of questions. There was some consolation for Cambridge, with the QuizSoc Committee beating their Oxford counterparts by 130 points in a 'battle of the committees'.

Varsity Match V - 2003 - University College, London

Although the scores for this year appear to have gone missing, there was very little doubt which team won. On Saturday May 10th, 2003, Oxford's A team proved too strong for their Cambridge counterparts, although Cambridge did manage to win the B game by 5 points in a tight match that went right down to the last starter. This happened in London, at the BSQC, where Cambridge A came a creditable 3rd, behind the semi-professional Manchester United team and Oxford A.

Varsity Match IV - 2002 - Christ's College, Cambridge

Cambridge University 165 - 540 Oxford University
Maziyar Hariri +15, Alex Chin -5, Tim Howles +30, Henry Lockwood +30, BC 52.8%.
Oxford: Luke Pitcher +15, Dorjana Širola +50, Freya McClements +50, Edward Laird +50, BC 78.1%.

Cambridge University B 380 - 225 Oxford University B
Gary Doherty +20, Alex Page +15, Pete Houghton +45, Michael Hoenig +50, BC 68.1%.
Oxford: Ben Fletcher +50, Alex German +10, Laura Campbell +30, Rob Chilvers -10, BC 53.7%.

The fourth Varsity took place on Sunday March 3rd in Christ's College. After munching their way through the free refreshments, Cambridge B managed an impressive 380-225 victory over their Oxford rivals. However, the A team couldn't repeat the feat, losing 540-165. Oxford therefore won the newly commissioned Varsity trophy, presented by Richard Crane from sponsors Deloitte and Touche. Full report, photos and statistics.

Varsity Match III - 2001 - St John's College, Oxford

Oxford University 615 - 285 Cambridge University

Oxford University B 385 - 320 Cambridge University B

Saturday 3rd March, and Oxford's turn to act as quizmasters. A little disorganised, Cambridge failed to send a reserves team and only three on the A team, but they did well, squandering a huge lead to lose 320-385 against the Oxford reserves, and again the Bayley machine ensured a victory for the Oxford A team 285-615. There was even time for Bayley to notch up a 355-310 victory with the remaining question against the seven-strong Cambridge combined with the Oxford B team!

Varsity Match II - 2000 - St Catharine's College, Cambridge

Cambridge University 130 - 395 Oxford University
Robin Bhattacharyya +15, Sean Blanchflower +30, Phil Grant +35, Coulter George -5, BC 73.3%.
Oxford: Neil King +50, Ian Bayley +90, Andrew Clark +40, Dorjana Širola +40, BC 64.8%.

Cambridge University B 275 - 195 Oxford University B
Matthew Purver +40, Oliver Johnson +30, Laura Campbell +20, Paul Vallet +40, BC 79.5%.
Oxford: Roland Lewis 0, Edward Laird +20, Rob Linham +25, Laurence Price +55, BC 57.6%.

The 2000 Varsity Match took place on Sunday 7th March in the Rushmore Room, St Catharine's, Cambridge just after the brief AGM. Again, there were two matches, beginning with the reserves during which an extremely impressive Cambridge team won comfortably. Alas, the A team couldn't repeat the performance and yet again Oxford's quiz machine, Ian Bayley, meant that we never really stood a chance.

Varsity Match I - 1999 - St John's College, Oxford

Oxford University 285 - 275 Cambridge University (after tie-break)
David Brewis 0, Peter Robins +25, David Stainer +35, Ian Bayley +55, BC 43.6%.
Cambridge: Ben Zachariah +30, Robin Bhattacharyya +50, Sean Blanchflower +55, Domagoj Racic +20. BC 25.0%.

Oxford University B 210 - 115 Cambridge University B
Matthew Rees -5, Daniel Lester +30, Athar Yawar +60, Benedict Rundell +25, BC 27.8%.
Cambridge: Matt Farr -5, Ross Ovland +5, Peter Keevash +10, Dave Harris +40, BC 36.1%.

The first ever Varsity Match took place on 23rd May 1999, in St John's College, Oxford, and ended controversially, to say the least. The questions were all set by a member of the Mastermind Club, and two of their members came up to officiate: one to read, one to score. Half an hour of questions followed, and the match was tighter than all had expected. Oxford's unbeatable team was being held by our four representatives, knocked together at the last minute. The lead kept changing sides all the way through until with 30 seconds left Oxford were 10 points ahead. The final starter. Oxford leapt in but gave the wrong answer - 5 points deducted. We were given the rest of the question, and Robin got it right. So 5 points ahead with only seconds to go. The question master was halfway through the first bonus when the gong went. So we'd done it!...

Alas not. No, the scorer then said she had made a mistake. Much scribbling and whispering with the Oxford President before he declared that the scores were actually 275-275: a tie. It was to be decided by a single question, and needless to say Oxford interrupted with the correct answer. So officially Oxford won, but even our opponents were less than happy to claim victory. We pointed out that if we'd known that the scores were tied then we'd have interrupted the first bonus, as we'd actually known the answer. But, we weren't too bothered, as they seemed to be taking it a tad too seriously anyway.