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Varsity Quiz 2002

March 3rd 2002 and the fourth ever Varsity quiz match. It was Cambridge's turn to act as hosts and the matches were held in Christs' College. Having made inroads into the free refreshments, the B-teams lined up for action.

Reserves' Match

Oxford B seemed rather jet-lagged, at one point buzzing in incorrectly on four out of six questions. Cambridge B were on top form, quickly reaching 200 points with a succession of full 30-point bonuses. Pete Houghton impressively recorded three power starters during the match, while Oxford were left struggling.

An analysis of where the points were won showed Oxford to be experts on La Traviata, teeth, and French Presidents, while Cambridge scored maximum bonus points on Simon and Garfunkel lyrics, Anton Chekhov, the Council of Nicea, monologues, middle ages philosophy and maths.

Cambridge cruised to an easy victory, 380 points to 225.

Varsity Match

Now the main event, the two teams lined up for action...

The Winning Team
The Cambridge team were (from left): Henry Lockwood, Tim Howles, Alex Chin and Maziyar Hariri.
The Winning Team
The Oxford team were (from left): Ed Laird, Freya McClements, Doryana Sirola and Luke Pitcher.

If Oxford B had been jet-lagged, Oxford A were positively flying, answering an astonishing eleven consecutive starters correctly at one point. Cambridge had been keeping up in the first third of the game, but inspired buzzing by Doryana Sirola and Freya McClements took Oxford to 440 before Cambridge could even break the 100 barrier.

Power starters earned by Tim Howles and Maziyar Hariri brought some respectability to the scoreline, but Oxford were the worthy winners, 540 to 165.

Bonus analysis suggests Cambridge could have done with more questions on Alexander Pope and earthquakes, while Oxford proved experts on magnetism, the Umayyad period, Nobel physics laureates, comic book characters, scientific devices, W.B. Yeats and Ethiopia!

Oxford received the newly commisioned Varsity Trophy from Richard Crane of sponsors Deloitte and Touche. The trophy will of course be travelling back to Cambridge in 2003...

The Winning Team
The Oxford team receiving the trophy.

Full Results

Oxford B 225 - Cambridge B 380

Oxford B: Fletcher +15 +40 -5, German +10, Campbell +30 +10 -10, Chilvers -10, Bonuses 53.7%
Cambridge B: Doherty +20, Page +15, Houghton +45 +10 -10, Hoenig +50, Bonuses 68.1%

Oxford A 540 - Cambridge A 165

Oxford A: Pitcher +15, Sirola +50, McClements +15 +40 -5, Laird +50, Bonuses 78.1%
Cambridge A: Hariri +15, Chin -5, Howles +30 +0, Lockwood +15 +20 -5, Bonuses 52.8%