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ICC Rules

The ICC is based upon the familiar concept and rules of the BBC's 'University Challenge' programme. Quite simply, any player from either team may buzz in on 'Starter questions', which will earn 10 points, though an incorrect interruption will lose 5 points. Just remember, no conferring on the starters! A correct starter entitles the team to consider three bonus questions, each worth five points, meaning that a correct starter can gain a possible 25 points, allowing the lead to quickly change hands, even when an apparently insurmountable lead has been built up. A summary of the rules is given at the beginning of every match, to ensure everyone is aware of how to play.

In the early stages of the competition, the matches typically last 25 minutes, to ensure a smooth time table, whilst in later stages, all starter questions in the 'packet' are read, for an extended, albeit tense style of game play. The Championship is played in a tournament format, with losing teams being knocked out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will each match last?

26 starter questions or 24 bonus questions, whichever set is exhausted first.

Can the team change?

Yes (but preferably no). However, no-one can play for more than one team! (i.e. you can't play for both a college '1' and '2' team)

How was the draw made?

The draw was made randomly (no seedings), so the teams that got a bye into the second round are just plain lucky!