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ICC History

The Intercollegiate Championship is a University Challenge style knockout tournament open to all Cambridge colleges, run in Lent term. Darwin, Emma, Downing, Caius, Catz, Fitzwilliam and Trinity have been the seven winners to date.

Charcol Intercollegiate Championship 2004

The final between Emma and Darwin brought out the toughest set of questions the contest has yet seen but the university's best dispatched most without difficulty. However, neither side was able to get a decent lead, and it remained close throughout. Emma were again noticeably stronger on science, and Downing on art. With 5 starters to go the scores were almost tied until Martin Harker correctly got a description of Manaus to establish a lead that proved decisive, with Emma eventually winning 190 - 145. Downing's consoled themselves with the fact that Matt Mayer came away with the final's MVP prize for the highest individual score, though no one was far behind him. As the old trophy managed to disappear from Downing Bar sometime, Emma were presented with a shiny new cup for the year, worthy winners and notable as one of the few teams in which all four members made strong contributions throughout.

More information, along with photos and stats can be found at the ICC2004 page.

Charcol Intercollegiate Championship 2003

Charcol again sponsored the biggest ever ICC which took place during Lent Term 2003, with 21 college teams competing. Downing beat reigning champions Caius to win the championship shield. See the ICC2003 section for team photos, reports and full results.

Charcol Intercollegiate Championship 2002

The 2002 Intercollegiate Championship, sponsored by Charcol, took place during Lent term 2002. Fifteen teams took part, the largest ever field at the time. An impressive Caius team beat Fitzwilliam in the finals. See the ICC2002 section for all the news, photos, results and stats.

Intercollegiate Championship 2001

The Quiz Society's second tournament was won by Catz by the tightest of margins, pipping a strong Clare team in the final. Both teams qualified thus qualified for the 2001 British Academic Quiz Tournament (BAQT). Scores are below.

League Stage

Darwin 250 vs. Sidney 155
Catz 245 vs. Clare 275
Trinity 275 vs. Emma 190
Trinity 220 vs. Pembroke 210
Sidney 170 vs. Emma 210
Pembroke 305 vs. Emma 145
Pembroke 190 vs. Clare 315
Trinity 110 vs. Clare 335
Darwin 320 vs. Trinity 145
Catz 230 vs. Pembroke 200
Catz 290 vs. Darwin 100
Darwin W.O. vs. Emma  
Catz 305 vs. Sidney 150


Clare 300 vs. Trinity 200
Catz 245 vs. Darwin 135


Catz 255 vs. Clare 240

Intercollegiate Championship 2000

Congratulations to Fitzwilliam who came home with a storming 450 points to take the final of the Quiz Society's first Inter-Collegiate Challenge. Thanks also to NatWest for sponsoring the final. The scores are shown below.

First Round

Catz A 165 vs. Catz B 210
Homerton wd vs. Newnham  
Downing 140 vs. Selwyn 260
Darwin 280 vs. Jesus 160
Christ's 250 vs. Queens' 205
Trinity 245 vs. Fitzwilliam 310
Magdalene   vs. Wolfson WO
New Hall wd vs. Sidney Sussex  

Second Round

Selwyn 180 vs. Wolfson 145
Newnham 175 vs. Fitzwilliam 270
Darwin 265 vs. Christ's 210
Sidney Sussex 205 vs. Catz 180


Darwin 180 vs. Selwyn 195
Fitzwilliam 315 vs. Sidney Sussex 240


Fitzwilliam 450 vs. Selwyn 105

The only time it has taken place before was in Lent 1997, when it was organized by the Union Society. About 25 colleges took part, with Trinity beating Corpus 345-140 in the Final.