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ICC - 2006


This year's ICC Final match was certainly a nail-biter and a heartbreaker for the Pembroke B Team, who lost on the final question. Still, congratulations to the Churchill team for a strong showing throughout the tournament and a successful capture of the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate quiz trophy. Though the game often felt like a duel between the two top scorers on each team, Dan Nazarian of Churchill and Jacob Hupart of Pembroke (who would later collaborate on Cambridge's Varsity squad), both teams cooperated effectively on the bonus rounds and were heavily involved throughout the match.

Pictured are the winning Churchill team with our Secretary, Christopher Handscomb, (right). Congratulations to the winners, and enjoy the wine!

The Winning Team
The Churchill team were (from left): Andrew Sanderson, Beth McEvoy, Anita Davies and Daniel Nazarian. They are pictured with the QuizSoc Secretary, Christopher Handscomb (right).

Team Picture Team Picture
Pembroke B 170   185 Churchill
Semi Final 2
Team Picture Team Picture
Pembroke B 270   180 Corpus
Semi Final 1
Team Picture Team Picture
Pembroke A 90   220 Churchill
Quarter Final 4
Team Picture Team Picture
Sidney 150   195 Corpus
Quarter Final 3
Team Picture Team Picture
Emma A 150   225 Pembroke B
Quarter Final 2
Team Picture Team Picture
Churchill 315   105 Downing B
Quarter Final 1
Team Picture Team Picture
Pembroke A 140   130 Trinity B

The results of the eight first round matches are shown in the table below.

Pembroke A 200 vs. Emma B 130
St. Johns 125 vs. Trinity B 210
Churchill 225 vs. Caius A 135
Downing B 180 vs. King's 170
Emma A 180 vs. Caius B 165
Pembroke A 155 vs. Trinity A 140
Sidney 250 vs. Catz 70
Downing A 60 vs. Corpus 285

You can get the full stats by downloading the Excel spreadsheets below:

Round 1 - Week 1

Round 1 - Week 2

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals and Finals

The Draw | Results and Stats

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