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ICC 2004

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Final Report: Emma 190 - 145 Downing II

The final off the ICC 2004 brought out the toughest set of questions the contest has yet seen but the university's best despatched most without difficulty. However, neither side was able to get a decent lead, and it remained close throughout. Emma were again noticeably stronger on science, and Downing on art, with Jochen Telgenduscher strong throughout on European art and history, and Josh Lewison contributing his knowledge of castrati and the JenniCam! With 5 starters to go the scores were almost tied until Martin Harker correctly got a description of Manaus to establish a lead that proved decisive. By the time Katie Marwick identified Russell Crowe, Downing knew their year-long reign as champions was over, with Emma winning 190 - 145. Downing's consoled themselves with the fact that Matt Mayer came away with the final's MVP prize for the highest individual score, though noone was far behind him.

As the old trophy managed to disappear from Downing Bar sometime, Emma were presented with a shiny new cup for the year, worthy winners and notable as one of the few teams in which all four members made strong contributions throughout.

First Semi Final: Emma 220 - 155 Darwin

Assembled in Chemical Engineering's main lecture room, the semis soon got underway apace with Darwin taking on Emmanuel. With notable scalps in previous rounds, Darwin probably started out favourites, but a succession of excellent interruptions saw them pull away. Martin Harker was on top form with 7 starters in total, and the team had a high bonus conversion as they saw off sets on religion, conic sections and nuclear accidents! Darwin fought back well but soon realised the gap was insurmountable and Emma slipped home 220 - 155.

Emma I Darwin

Second Semi Final: Catz I 160 - 190 Downing II

In the other semi, reigning champions Downing faced newcomers Catz, and Downing started mercilessly and were soon 75 - -5. But Catz were far from finished and battled from nowhere to return to contention. With six starters to go they were 105 points behind but got four starters in a row to come within 30 points. Alas that proved the end of it as they were unable to grab either of the final two that would have put them in the lead for the first time, and the champions sneaked into the final hoping their next opponents wouldn't be quite so strong.

The break before the final saw the demolition of the assembled snacks and drinks, and a light-hearted quiz in which all-comers took on the Quiz Society Committee at four rounds of questions. To the dismay of the baying crowd, the committee proved they are worthy of their posts, winning all but the 'Ant and Dec' round in consummate style.

Catz Downing II

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