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Intercollegiate Championship 2002

Quarter finals - 20th Feb

The Lloyd Room, Christ's welcomed another four teams for the first two quarter finals of the Intercollegiate Championship sponsored by Charcol.

Caius 360 - 165 Trinity

A high-octane match between two good teams ... Trinity led early on but seemed to get stuck on 60 points while Caius stormed ahead to 100. Edward Wallace scored 100 points off the buzzer for Caius although he also made 5 incorrect interruptions, the most from any player in the tournamnet so far!

The most intriguing wrong answer of the night though came from Keith Sutherland of Trinity. On the starter question "It is unique in that it is written on a 120-foot-long scroll of teletype paper..." he buzzed in with the answer 'Bayeux Tapestry'. Both teams were scoring highly, converting over 70% of bonus points, but in the end Caius' superiority on the buzzers won through. They qualify for the semi-finals.

Peterhouse 85 - 295 Christ's

Peterhouse didn't get off to the best of starts: it was five starters before they managed to get a positive score on the board; and at one point the score stood at 130-15 to Christ's. Credit to them though, they were trying hard and were let down only by a number of early ambitious buzzes. Christ's worked well as a team: this was the first match in the tournament in which every member of a team scored at least 30 points individually.

Christ's also had to endure one of the more bizarre bonuses of the evening, "Won the Nobel Prize in literature, committed suicide, both, or neither? State whether these Japanese authors won the Nobel Prize, committed suicide, both, or neither."

Christ's were the clear winners: we look forward to seeing them in the semi-finals!

Quarter finals - 27th Feb

The Lloyd Room, Christ's welcomed another four teams for the third and fourth quarter finals of the Intercollegiate Championship sponsored by Charcol.

Queens' 325 - 110 Pembroke

An in-form Queen's team were the clear winners in the first match of the evening. Queens' got an early lead, but the three-man Pembroke fought back to get the score back to 155-100.

Tim Howles was outstanding for Queens', picking up 90 points off the buzzer with no incorrect interruptions. Captain Alex Page wasn't having a great day on the starter questions, his 20 points being cancelled out by -20 for four incorrect interruptions!

Queens' then stormed ahead, scoring another 170 points as Pembroke gained only another 10. Final score: 325-110 to Queens' ... we'll see them in the semi-finals!

Lucy Cavendish 85 - 400 Fitz

An amazing performance by Fitz saw them rack up the second highest score in Intercollegiate history. Peter Hinstridge scored 90 off the buzzer alone.

Though scoring highly on bonus questions, Lucy Cavendish were unable to buzz in enough to actually get to hear any as Fitz stormed to 200 points by the half way stage. Fitz were not invincible however, their claim that Dendrophobia was a fear of fingers caused great hilarity in the audience.

45 points off the last two questions took Fitz to their final mammoth score ... they meet Queens' in the semis in what should be a cracking match.

Finals night - 13th March 2002

The Lloyd Room at Christ's College was packed with cheering spectators as Lent Term 2002 came to a close, with the finals of the Intercollegiate Quiz Championship sponsored by Charcol.

Christ's, Gonville & Caius, Fitzwilliam and Queens' were the teams still left standing after the original sixteen teams had been whittled down to four.


Caius 305 - 160 Christ's

Caius got off to a flying start, with Tom Fanshawe taking four of the first seven starters. Christ's bravely fought back with Emma Darby and Ali Nunn leading the charge. Some inspired guesswork on a set of bonuses about Les Miserables brought them within 15 points at 160-145.

The Christ's team

Caius then began to pull away, their superiority on the buzzers showing as Lameen Souag picked up a late 40 and Ed Wallace climbed to seventy (plus two -5s for his ever-growing flake total). In the end they were the clear winners, 305 points to 160.

The Caius team

Queens' 235 - 250 Fitzwilliam

The second semi-final was touch and go the whole way. Queens' were fractionally ahead for the majority of the match. Under the pressure, their relief was obvious when a bonus set on Premiership footballers appeared!

Peter Hinstridge for Fitz and Tim Howles for Queens' were again outstanding, scoring 50 and 60 points respectively from the buzzer.

With one starter to go, it was neck and neck: 235 points apiece. "Its creator famously predicted that average interrogators would fail more than 30% of the time by the year 2000. The task the interrogators were given was that of typing questions into a console..." - at which point Peter Hinstridge buzzed in with the correct answer 'Turing Test' to take Fitzwilliam into the Grand Final!

Grand Final

Gonville & Caius 250 - 205 Fitzwilliam

Both teams had come a long way to reach this stage and now only one match lay between them and victory.

The first starter went to Caius, who had the privilege of hearing one of the most memorable bonus sets of the competition:

A disturbing number of recent pop songs have chosen to embellish their introductions with inane vocal utterances. Given such an utterance, name the song from which it comes – you'll also get the year of the song to help you. (Answers at foot of page)

  1. Di-di-na-na-na – 1994
  2. Myeah… Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah… Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah… - 2000
  3. Sting-d-goh-dong d-ding d-dong d-dong d-ding d-ding d-d-dong d-goh-d-goh-dong – 1995

The teams were neck and neck for most of the match, with Caius just having the edge at the half-way stage. Chris Turtle had the fastest buzz of the night, correctly answering "Her father Richard was a member of the Illuminati..." with "Lara Croft". Perhaps a little too quickly...

Amazingly, it went down to the final starter again with the scores at Caius 225, Fitz 210. Team captain Chris Turtle, who had played magnificently for Fitz, buzzed in ... and gave the wrong answer. It was all over. Caius mopped up the final bonus set to win by 45 points.

Bonus question answers:

"Saturday Night" by Whigfield, "Oops! I Did It Again" by Britney Spears and "Scatman's World" by Scatman John